Kiew: Our main goals are communication and integration!

Igor, 32, Kiew (active supporter of Dynamo Kiew)
If they are left, right or in the political middle – I want football fans to be active supporters of their team. It would be great if politics was off the ground. The main interest of fans should be the match.
Many people being close to the right-winged group of Ukrainean fans are no real political persons. I am not talking about the hardcore skinhead groups, which are strong in discrimination and violence. I am talking about the high percentage of youngsters who think that the tough right-winged image is cool.
You can talk to them, they don‘t beat up people. They are no proper racists or fascists. I want to include as many people as possible into fan work. I want to create services for away-fans – until they respect us, trust us, and then accept our rules and ideas.

Igor from Kiew